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Anuva takes on the increasingly challenging world of electronics by battling time and cost pressures with innovative thinking, technical expertise and decades of industry experience. We pride ourselves on providing the comprehensive services of domestic electronic manufacturing, design, repair and logistics.


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Quality, on-time delivery and customer service drive the Anuva staff. The tangible benefits to OEM’s and manufacturers include a single source supplier, quality control, lifecycle management and design for manufacturability. We find the most success working with those teams that understand the long-term benefits of a fully collaborative partnership.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Flexibility and agility in a fast paced, high-tech world are essential. Time-to-market and cost-to-market are critical for companies large and small. Anuva helps eliminate costly missteps during new product implementation to get quality products to market with less expense and in less time.



Across Industries

Anuva has an extensive customer base that covers a broad range of end product applications, including in the Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Defense/Aerospace and IT sectors. Time and again, our customers tout our on-time delivery, quality, responsiveness and overall value as keystones to their success.



True Partners

Anuva understands that success can only be achieved by working with its customers, not just by being a supplier. We have a long history of helping our customers in many areas, including Design for ‘x’ reviews, cost avoidance/reductions, product optimization and even new product designs. With this dedication, it’s no wonder we have multiple 10, 15 and even 20+ year relationships with our loyal customers.