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What Is ISO 13485 Certification — and Why Should You Care?

Jen — September 22, 2015

ISO (International Organization of Standards) 13485 is a rigorous quality-management system and regulatory standard pertaining to the design and manufacturing of medical devices, ranging from life-saving medical equipment, such as artificial hearts or dialysis machines, to diagnostic tools, treatment devices, and hospital beds. All regulated medical equipment must meet specific standards to be sold internationally. …Read More

Start-Ups: Launching a New Medical Device Company? Here’s Where to Turn for Help

Anuva — May 5, 2015

Need Help Launching Your Biotechnology? Congratulations, you’ve created an innovative and revolutionary medical device. Believe it or not, that is the easy part. Now you have to create a business to take your product to market! Where can start-ups go to find help? One overlooked resource is the biotechnology center. Biotechnology centers were developed to …Read More

5 Pitfalls When 3D Printing

Anuva — March 24, 2015

              3D printing is one of the most rapidly growing technologies today. In many situations, it is unbelievably useful and efficient. It can drastically reduce product-prototyping costs and timelines. It allows parts to be modified and replaced with ease. It provides insurance before sending parts to large-scale production. However, …Read More