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Project Management: How Anuva’s Approach Strengthens Teamwork & Customer Relations

Christine — April 5, 2016

Key to every new project or initiative is the project manager. To find out more about the role a project manager plays in product design and development, Anuva sat down with the newest member of our team — 20-year veteran Jane Dunbar. Our edited interview: What makes an effective project manager (PM)? You have to …Read More

What Is ISO 13485 Certification — and Why Should You Care?

Jen — September 22, 2015

ISO (International Organization of Standards) 13485 is a rigorous quality-management system and regulatory standard pertaining to the design and manufacturing of medical devices, ranging from life-saving medical equipment, such as artificial hearts or dialysis machines, to diagnostic tools, treatment devices, and hospital beds. All regulated medical equipment must meet specific standards to be sold internationally. …Read More

VIDEO Be Empowered. Partner with Anuva!

Anuva — September 15, 2015

VIDEO Be Empowered. Partner with Anuva! How can Anuva help you “Bring on Impossible”? Watch this video: to learn more about our comprehensive product design and development capabilities. We’re committed to top: Product performance Business practices User experience Quality At Anuva, our “Made in the USA” products are built to a higher standard. We have …Read More

First 3D Pill Approved by the FDA

Anuva — September 1, 2015

  It seems like a science fiction movie come to life: a printer can now create medicine. See how 3D printers are changing medicine. The pharmaceutical company Aprecia recently announced it has gained the US Food and Drug Administration’s (the FDA) approval to begin the process of printing the first 3D pill. Although the process …Read More

Mastering Project Management: 6 Takeaways from Anuva’s Newest Team Member

Erin — July 28, 2015

  As an associate project manager intern at Anuva – and a University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, undergrad pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering – I have learned an incredible amount in the past six months on the job. Far more than I could have gained in the classroom. Six project-management takeaways from …Read More