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Safe to Handle? Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices

Anuva — May 10, 2016

The goal of medical device reprocessing is to ensure that a given device is ready for safe use on the next patient.  Effective cleaning of devices is critical to achieving this goal.  Device cleaning also has had an ancillary goal:  rendering the device safe for handling with ungloved hands by sterile processing personnel.  Such personnel …Read More

The Robotics Revolution in Healthcare Part II

Anuva — April 26, 2016

The Robotics Revolution in Healthcare Part II In Part I, we examined the increase use of robotics for medical treatments.  This week, we continue with additional uses of robotics for medical applications. Areas to Watch for Potential Medical Applications Biomimetic Robots Many new robotic designs are inspired by Mother Nature herself and may be useful …Read More

The Robotics Revolution in Healthcare Part I

Anuva — April 19, 2016

The Robotics Revolution in Healthcare Part I    Robots have been designed for an unbelievable variety of applications. They will clean our house, drive our cars, and even play air hockey with us. Robotic development, however, also continues to fill in the gray area between technology and human life. The rapid advancements in this field …Read More

Evolving Care through Innovation Adoption and Acceptance

Anuva — April 12, 2016

At Anuva we are lucky to work with some very innovative clients, today we are fortunate to have David Gomez, CEO of Infinitus Medical Technologies, write this blog that focuses on innovative patient care in the medical device industry. Click here to read the entire Infinitus Medical Technologies’ blog and learn how patient care is …Read More

Project Management: How Anuva’s Approach Strengthens Teamwork & Customer Relations

Christine — April 5, 2016

Key to every new project or initiative is the project manager. To find out more about the role a project manager plays in product design and development, Anuva sat down with the newest member of our team — 20-year veteran Jane Dunbar. Our edited interview: What makes an effective project manager (PM)? You have to …Read More