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Volunteering is the Cornerstone to Anuva! Wake County Habitat for Humanity

Christine — June 9, 2015

In the hot North Carolina sun, our Anuva team is hard at work putting the final touches on an Apex home building project for a family to move in shortly.  Our team is happy to help another family achieve their American Dream of owning their own home! Welcome to Apex – The Peak of Good Living!   …Read More

Anuva Community Service Project:  Prosthetic Hand/Arm for North Carolina Student

Anuva — April 7, 2015

  3D-printing technology is an essential tool our engineers at Anuva Innovations use to create complete products, product parts and 3D prototypes for customers to showcase to potential investors, prospects and partners. Anuva’s skills and resources are used to help communities in need as well. One of our most-rewarding initiatives was assisting Anuva’s UNC Biomedical …Read More