TiO (Turn it On) Home Automation Product Line – Simple Sophistication

Client Request

In January 2014, TiO founder asked Anuva to help “reshore” an entire home automation product line from China to increase quality and reduce transportation expenses. Upon closer examination, Anuva discovered the TiO TL4 TouchLight 4 universal lighting and load controller switch design was not going to fulfill the client’s need to remain competitive. In addition, the entire software required a re-architect to ensure stability and robustness.

Services Performed

  • Redesigned the TiO TL4 TouchLight 4 light switch and got it UL approved in less than 3 months
  • Re-architected the entire back end of the software
  • Began manufacturing the product line in Florida to support the “Made in the USA” label
  • Coordinated both engineering and manufacturing to build products “designed for manufacturability”
  • Became TiO’s sole distribution provider, providing an end-to-end solution from engineering and design to manufacturing and distribution

The Results 

  • Installed 10 prototypes in a resort test environment
  • Shipped the TiO TouchLite 4 universal lighting and load controller
  • Coordinated the TiO iOS Software App approval from Apple
  • Received very positive feedback after a Canadian system installation: “I get it!” said the customer
  • Designed a European light switch prototype that was showcased at a trade show in Amsterdam
  • Developing other products to create the TiO ecosystem

Quote: “Anuva partners with companies and truly brings value beyond just one skill set.”

Simple Sophistication Introducing TiO Home Automation http://tiohome.com/