Drug Delivery Device

Client Request

In 2008, a client requested Anuva assist in designing and developing a drug delivery device that could automatically mix and deliver up to 3 drugs, from 3 vials.  The device was to be graphical touch input system that delivery was controlled by a wireless hand piece.

They searched for months for outsourcing partners.  Anuva Innovations was a perfect fit with extensive experience and capabilities in Hardware, Software, Mechanical Design and Documentation for FDA submission of medical devices.

Services Performed

  • Complete Electronics Design (Schematics, Custom PCB Design / Layout)
  • Full Embedded Software Development with Graphical User Interface with Touch Input
  • Complete Mechanical and Industrial Design
  • Integrated and Tested Fully Functional Prototypes
  • Conducted Device Performance Testing
  • Full Validation and Verification Testing
  • Guided and Supported Device Safety Testing
  • Complete Documentation Package for FDA Submission

The Results

The Anuva Innovations Engineering Team delivered their product within 10 months.  It has been a wonderful 8 year collaborative partnership.  Our client has re-designed their product line based on their customer feedback and clinical trial assessments.  Anuva has also developed their product for different target markets for 4 generations.

“Having now been able to trial Anuva’s engineering services, I would consider their list of capabilities to be continually expanding.  We are very satisfied with documentation, design, concurrent engineering, and service aspects of Anuva’s organization.”