Revolution Bed

Client Request

A client was looking for an experienced engineering firm to build their Revolution Bed from a blueprint. Anuva’s engineering team fully reviewed the documentation and determined the mechanics of the bed needed a 50 percent redesign. Since the electrical hardware and software did not work, Anuva needed to create these components from scratch. Our team of experts (a mechanical, an electrical, and 3 software engineers working part-time) built the prototype within 18 months.

Services Performed

  • Completely redesigned the mechanics
  • Created electronic hardware that includes 3 processor boards
  • Developed a 10-inch touch panel to control bed movements
  • Built side rails with push buttons for staff as well as patient use
  • Completely developed the software – both embedded and GUI – from scratch
  • Designed motor actuator controls to move the head or feet up
  • Allowed rotation of the bed to move up into a chair position
  • Incorporated a weight-sensor alarm to alert staff when a patient exited the bed
  • Provided full documentation services as well as safety testing

The Results

  • Completed one prototype build
  • Incorporated an assistance chair position to standing position, helping healthcare staff move heavy patients out of the bed as well as seat the patient back in the bed
  • Introduced a zero-gravity position to rotate to whatever position the nurse or patient would like it to be in
  • Client has displayed the Revolution Bed at trade shows around the world and received positive feedback