Military-Grade Circuit Board

Client Request

In early 2013, this highly demanding customer was frustrated with ongoing quality and delivery issues with their current Contract Manufacturers.  After Anuva reached out to them, the client issued their initial RFQ and, subsequently, a qualification order.

Anuva had been told by others that were familiar with the customer that they were extraordinarily demanding.  Very demanding and very difficult to deal with.  We proceeded to finish the quote and what is also interesting is that same BSI auditor that has done our quality audits had been doing theirs.  After doing our audit, the auditor said that Anuva would be a perfect fit as he had seen the problems that they had with their current supplier & based upon our on-time delivery schedules, etc., he felt strongly that Anuva could resolve this customer’s issues.

Anuva Manufacturing Services is an ideal fit because of our AS9100 Certification, ITAR registration, and our long, proven, history of providing high levels of customer satisfaction.  Due to the fact that the final battery packs are potted, and therefore non-serviceable, reliability is critical – they support our military in a variety of ways.  Workmanship must be done to IPC-610-Class 3 – the most demanding level.

Services Performed

  • Procurement of the Bare Circuit Boards
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Through-Hole Assembly
  • Testing (for certain assemblies)

The Results

  • Proceeding cautiously, the initial qualification order was for 1,000 units of one of their high volume printed circuit boards.
  • Having performed very well, Anuva Manufacturing received a second order for 2,500 units or 25% of their total demand.  (The other 75% remained with their current Contract Manufacturers.)
  • The third order was for 8,000 units – or 75% of their total demand.  Before production even began, they decided to award their entire demand to Anuva!
  • Anuva has just received a fourth order for 15,000 units – 100% of their total demand again!  In so doing, Anuva was also able to help them realize some cost savings.
  • Anuva has also been trusted to produce dozens of other assemblies for this customer.
  • In the most recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, the customer awarded Anuva with a 10 out of 10 rating for Quality, On-Time Delivery, Responsiveness, and Overall Value and stated “Great customer service from all the staff.  Keep up the good work.”