Safe to Handle? Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices

The goal of medical device reprocessing is to ensure that a given device is ready for safe use on the next patient.  Effective cleaning of devices is critical to achieving this goal.  Device cleaning also has had an ancillary goal:  rendering the device safe for handling with ungloved hands by sterile processing personnel.  Such personnel are tasked with preparing the device for further reprocessing steps, such as packaging for sterilization.

This raises the question: Are manually cleaned devices as safe to handle as machine washed medical devices? The current study
sought to gather data to help answer this question. Further, this study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a relatively new tool in the
area of decontamination in healthcare settings—ultraviolet (UV) disinfection—and whether UV disinfection could effectively and
efficiently be used to render manually cleaned devices safer to handle.  Click here to read the full article.

This article first appeared on AAMI ( is a nonprofit organization founded in 1967. It is a diverse community of nearly 7,000 healthcare technology professionals united by one important mission—supporting the healthcare community in the development, management, and use of safe and effective healthcare technology.

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By Anuva