blog - April - 2015

Outsourcing Your Manufacturing? Optimization Is Critical

Jim — April 28, 2015

What Is Outsourcing? While outsourcing sometimes carries a negative connotation, it is simply the use of another firm to perform operations that a company chooses not to perform itself. When activities are outsourced to another country, it is referred to as “offshoring.” Outsourcing is a natural part of any business and is practiced everywhere. Few …Read More

Apple Watch: How This Wearable Device Is Revolutionizing MedTech

Anuva — April 21, 2015

Time has arrived. After three years in the making, the Apple Watch will ship on April 24 (although even if you pre-ordered at 8:30 am EDT on April 10, as we did, the lower-end priced product isn’t expected to ship until June). The much-ballyhooed weartech device that raked in 1 million pre-orders in the U.S. …Read More

I Have to Go Offshore, Right? WRONG!

Jim — April 14, 2015

The impression that one could get from the major media sources is that everything is now being built outside of the U.S.A. This is simply not the case. According to government data available from the National Association of Manufacturers, America’s manufacturers contributed $2.09 trillion to the economy, rising steadily from $1.73 trillion in 2009.  The …Read More

Anuva Community Service Project:  Prosthetic Hand/Arm for North Carolina Student

Anuva — April 7, 2015

  3D-printing technology is an essential tool our engineers at Anuva Innovations use to create complete products, product parts and 3D prototypes for customers to showcase to potential investors, prospects and partners. Anuva’s skills and resources are used to help communities in need as well. One of our most-rewarding initiatives was assisting Anuva’s UNC Biomedical …Read More