blog - March - 2015

7 Simple Steps to Manufacturing Success

Jim — March 31, 2015

In this blog, I will go back to the beginning and discuss the steps required to get to the point of manufacturing your product.  Note that this article is hardware-centric and doesn’t attempt to address topics such as establishing the business, attracting funding, etc. Step 1: Generating the Idea To be able to identify an …Read More

5 Pitfalls When 3D Printing

Anuva — March 24, 2015

              3D printing is one of the most rapidly growing technologies today. In many situations, it is unbelievably useful and efficient. It can drastically reduce product-prototyping costs and timelines. It allows parts to be modified and replaced with ease. It provides insurance before sending parts to large-scale production. However, …Read More


Chris Martens — March 17, 2015

These days it seems like everyone has their own app.  If you were ever interested in how native apps are created, this post is for you.  We will walk you through how to create a native Android app that includes a Google map.  You will learn how to install the tools, make a new project, and …Read More