blog - January - 2015

Wearable Technology and Privacy: Cause for Concern?

Anuva — January 31, 2015

FitBits, wearable heart rate monitors, Kapture, Pebble, and Apple Watch all have a common thread – they are wearable technology, or devices that send pulses of information concerning the location or condition of the wearer into cyberspace to be recorded on a phone or other device. Once the information leaves the wearable device, though, what …Read More

Are you ready to expand your business by hiring a contract manufacturer for electronic assembly?

Jen — January 5, 2015

  Companies are usually torn between the security of assembling electronic components in-house and hiring a contract manufacturer to free your employees for more appropriate work. How can you determine whether the device design specialists you have chosen are the best fit for your company? Anuva has a list of considerations for you to choose …Read More

Can Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer Be Doing More For You?

Jen — January 5, 2015

  Your company strives for perfection. Using a design consulting organization as your electronic contract manufacturer is an integral step in your overall process. How can you be assured your contractor is working to your high standards? Below are a few questions Anuva has found useful for you to ask to determine whether your electronic …Read More